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“Nothing like … falling …”
in Performance Research, A Journal of the Performing Arts, Volume 23, 2018 – Issue 4-5: On Reflection – Turning 100
also on Academia EDU

A Cautionary Note or Two, Amid the Pleasures and Pains of Participation in Performance-making as Research
Keynote Address presented at the Participation, Research and Learning in the Performing Arts Symposium, 6 May 2011, Centre for Creative Collaboration, London. Organised by the Royal Holloway University of London, The Higher Education Academy and PALATINE Dance, Drama and Music.

Rosemary Butcher: Jottings on Signature in the Presence of the Artist
Presented at Bodies of Thought, 3 April 2009, Siobhan Davies Studio, London

"Still Harping On (About Expert Practitioner-Centred Modes of Knowledge and Models of Intelligibility)"
KEYNOTE Presentation, AHDS Conference: Digital Representations of Performing Arts, National e-Science Centre, Edinburgh, July 2007. Paper written and presented in close collaboration with Rosemary Butcher and John Robinson.

"Not lost but not yet found": accounting for decision-making process in expert/professional performance-disciplinary practices
KEYNOTE, Convivencia Symposium at University of Central Lancashire, February 2007

"Not yet, and already no longer: loitering with intent between the expert practitioner at work, and the archive"
KEYNOTE address: Performance as Knowledge, Seminar examining the state of affairs in England regarding the archiving of live performance, May 2006, Somerset House, London.

"The Body" in question: expert performance-making and the problem of spectator discursivisation,
seminar paper presented at Middlesex University School of Computing, April 2006

"Out of words"
keynote address at the Centre for the History and Analysis of Recorded Music (CHARM) Symposium, 14-16 April 2005.

"'Words fail me': dancing with the other's familiar"
keynote address at "Towards Tomorrow?" (Internet Archive copy), INTERNATIONAL GATHERING 2005 at the Centre for Performance Research, Aberystwyth, 6-10 April 2005.

"… just intuitive …"
keynote address presented at The impossibility of representation? practice, performance and media workshop organised by the AHRB Research Centre for Cross-cultural Music and Dance Performance on the 23rd April 2005.

"Missing Persons … (and the ethics of affective eventhood)"
as published on the web site of Archaeology and Performance. Papers from the 2002 TAG Conference, Manchester at Stanford University.
(Thanks again to the Internet Archive for saving this site.)

The 2003/04 edition of e-PAI
edited by Susan Melrose and Renate Bräuninger with web design and pictures by John Robinson and Hannah Bruce. It includes texts and visual material from the "Virtuosity and Performance Mastery" symposium (see below). Susan Melrose acknowledges the support of the AHRC in the preparation of this research material through its provision of a Small Grant in the Creative and Performing Arts in 2003-4.
NOTE (June 2010): unfortunately, the e-PAI web site which was hosted at Middlesex University appears to have gone off-line. The Internet Archive captured a snapshot of the original entry-point to the e-PAI sites in November 2006 at

The Eventful Articulation of Singularities – or, "Chasing Angels"
An earlier version of this paper was presented as the Keynote Address at New Alignments and Emergent Forms: dance-making, theory and knowledge at the School of Arts, Froebel College, Roehampton, University of Surrey on 13 December 2003, organised by Anna Pakes and Carol Brown.

"Virtuosity and Performance Mastery"
These pages provide a summary of material presented at the Performing Arts symposium which took place at the Trent Park site of Middlesex University on 31st May and 1st June 2003.

"the curiosity of writing (or, who cares about performance mastery?)"
First presented at PARIP 2003 NATIONAL CONFERENCE, University of Bristol, 11-14 September.

"Textual Turns – and a Turn-up for the Books"
An earlier draft of this paper was presented at "Textual Conditions", University of Nottingham, September 2002.

"please adjust your set"
Keynote Address, presented at Arnolfini/University of Bristol, 23 August 2002 on the occasion of the Goat Island/Bristol University Summer School and Symposium.

"Before the Posthuman Can Take [Its] Place: Performing Place and Person, in the Early 21st Century"
An earlier draft of this paper appears in e-pai (2002), the second edition of the online performing arts international journal, School of Arts, Middlesex University, under the guest editorship of Michael Atavar and Paul Rae (now archived on the Middlesex Research Repository).

"Entertaining Other Options …"
Susan Melrose's Inaugural Professorial Lecture (delivered on 28 January 2002 at Middlesex University)